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Bibir Ala Korea // Favorite Lipstick Combos To Make Gradient Lips

My obsession to all things Korean or K-pop has been gone a long time ago. Back then there was no gradient lips, just a normal one shade lips, nothing too crazy. Until last year when I began to confess my love to make up, I started to realize different kinds of trends in the make up world. I tried western, middle east, or asian trends, including gradient lips.

Sebenarnya yang suka sama gradient lips itu adek ku yang emang cenderung lebih tertarik sama Korean Make Up look yang kesannya lebih natural dan anti ribet, jadi dia suruh aku coba bikin gradient lipsWhen I first tried it, it felt weird. I always thought looking cute is not my thing since I have this resting b* face the whole time, so looking cute would make it seem like I'm trying too hard. But as time goes by, I tried it again.. and looking cute is actually not bad at all. 
So I have been experimenting with different lipstick combos to create the gradient lips like those K-pop stars have, now I'm going to give you the l…