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Minimal Make Up Face

Hi guys! In this post I'm gonna tell you about my current make up routine. I basically just stay at home all day, so I don't really need to wear make up. But, in some cases where I have to go out and don't want to look like a hippie who embraced the no shower life (like how I used to look and be called at the first year of college btw), I still put on some minimal make up. And by minimal, I mean it only takes me 5-10 minutes to get it done, with those products that's been my go-to products for weeks!. Wanna see how it looks? Just keep on reading...

COMPARISON: Fanbo Eye Pen Liner & Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner

Setahun yang lalu pas cinta gue terhadap make up mulai bersemi, merk lokal pada umumnya cuma memproduksi eyeliner dalam bentuk pensil, retractable pencil,gel, atau cair. Sedangkan gue pengen banget punya yang versi pen/spidol. Kenapa? Soalnya lebih praktis dan gampang di pakenya ketimbang yang gel atau liquid, apalagi untuk pemula kayak gue.

EVENT : Make Over Beauty Class

Hai cewek~ udah lama rasanya gue nggak bikin review, tapi disimpen untuk postingan selanjutnya aja yah. For this post I'm going to share my experience of joining Make Over's Beauty Class last week. Beberapa minggu yang lalu gue liat di IG Make Over kalo mereka mau adain Beauty Class di Nanny's Pavilion Summarecon Serpong tanggal 1 Mei, gue langsung daftar. Sempet di taro di waiting list sih karena kuota mereka udah penuh, tapi akhirnya gue kebagian juga, thanks to whoever you are whom cancelled your booking.

5 Common Bra Problems

Throughout my life, I've always hated myself and partly my mom for being "blessed" around the chestal area, I bet you know what I mean. Three years ago before I wore hijab, I noticed how "the girls" attracts attention from boys, even if I didn't mean to, I didn't even wear any revealing clothes. I remember how my mom used to tell me that bra could change everything. If you wear the right bra, it won't make your girls look bigger than it already is, it might even make it appear to be smaller, and better under your clothes.