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Recent Haul

Hey ladies! as I promised in my last post, I have prepared a post this week and it's about my recent haul!. Disclaimer: I'm always on a budget, I didn't buy all of these products all at once at the same week, or month, I bought them separately. So, don't think I'm a crazy unemployed who buys a lot of make up or skin care products all the time :D. Anywho, here's the details of my haul...

Life Lately #1

Assalamu'alaikum. Hai semuanya, wazzaaap?. Untuk kesekian kalinya gue mangkir dari tekad gue untuk lebih rajin nge-blog ditengah-tengah kekosongan dan ketidakpastian hidup ini (baca: nganggur ngalor-ngidul). To shortly sum up my life in the past few months since I graduated, I have done nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. Of course I still do some regular daily stuffs, I'd go out if being at home has reached to the point where I turn into some overthinking wacko, then I'd go back home instantly wherever I started to have anxiety that makes me feel if I'm being out any longer something bad might happen. I know it still sounds like I'm a wacko.