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Hey ladies! as I promised in my last post, I have prepared a post this week and it's about my recent haul!. Disclaimer: I'm always on a budget, I didn't buy all of these products all at once at the same week, or month, I bought them separately. So, don't think I'm a crazy unemployed who buys a lot of make up or skin care products all the time :D. Anywho, here's the details of my haul...

Oval Brush (IDR 60,000)
This tooth brush shaped brush is all over the beauty world. There are a lot of version of this brush, from Artis, MAC, or Cailyn, but girlll #dasespensivee. Luckily here in Indonesia we have the cheap version of it and still works just as good. It has no brand but who cares if it's so soft and blends your make up so effortlessly?. It's sold out really fast, so when I found it on Beautyhaulindo bazaar recently at Aeon Mall, I wouldn't miss the chance to take one home.

Nabi Matte Lip Gloss #Nutmeg (IDR 45,000)
Also found this one at Beautyhaulindo bazaar. People talk about it a lot cause it's cheap and it's matte. Most of them hate this cause it's slightly sticky, but I don't mind, once it's dried to fully matte finish, the stickiness will be gone anyway.

Wardah EyeXpert Intense Black Eyeliner (IDR 62,000)
I was on the hunt for affordable eyeliner pen that's waterproof, as black as my soul (just kidding), and won't transfer to my eyelash curler everytime I curl my lashes. This eyeliner is the answer of all I wanted in eyeliner pen.

Lofess Auto Eyebrow Pencil #82 (IDR 75,000)
I lost my Etude House Drawing Brow, found it, broke it. I bought another one, but within two weeks it's broken already. I decided not to order another cause I couldn't stand waiting 2-3 days for a single eyebrow pencil that might be broken again by some unknown reason. So I went to a cosmetic store in my local mall where I can find tons of products from local cosmetic to the fake ones of big brands products, and I found this seemed to be good enough for daily use. It's double ended, both sides are pencil with the same shade, no brush but I'm fine with it cause I already have two from the Etude House. So far I really like it.

Top - bottom : Lofess Auto Eyebrow Pencil, Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner, Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lipgloss #Nutmeg

Tamia Beauty Blender (IDR 69,900)
I threw out my cheap beauty blender cause it's ugly, the sponge already got ruined and sometimes it stuck on my skin while blending foundation/concealer, also I think it's too dense to be used around the eye areas. So I was thinking to get a better alternative of the dupe for Beauty Blender, like Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, BH Cosmetics's, or Masami Shouko's sponge, then I saw this one at Sogo. It was the only one left and it felt a lot softer and less dense than the other sponges, so I picked it up, and I'm amazed by how easy my mom's cream foundation blends using this sponge.

Wardah EyeXpert Curling Mascara (IDR 62,000)
I'm a sucker for curling mascara cause I have straight and quite short lashes. And although I still have Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara (by far this is the best affordable mascara that actually does the job in holding the curls), I wanted to give this a try. 

Honestly I still have more products that I bought since last year, but I think I'll just write a full review instead of listing it all in a haul post. Have you tried any of these products? If you have, I'd love to hear what you think about them. But if you haven't, what make up/skin care products you guys bought recently? Lemme know in the comment below, I'd be happy to know that #kepoalert. See you guys in my next post! 


  1. Drawing Brow nya Etude emang gampang patah deh -_-
    *sampai sekarang aku masih belum coba oval brush*

    1. Iya kaaan! Awalnya aku pikir cuma punyaku aja yg begitu, efek apes. Tapi berapa hari yg lalu punya mamaku juga patah entah kenapa -____-
      Cobain deh oval brusnya, oke looh buat bb cream sm foundation, murmer ga rugi lah belinya :D


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