5 Common Bra Problems

Throughout my life, I've always hated myself and partly my mom for being "blessed" around the chestal area, I bet you know what I mean. Three years ago before I wore hijab, I noticed how "the girls" attracts attention from boys, even if I didn't mean to, I didn't even wear any revealing clothes. I remember how my mom used to tell me that bra could change everything. If you wear the right bra, it won't make your girls look bigger than it already is, it might even make it appear to be smaller, and better under your clothes. 

But then again, being blessed doesn't mean it will make it easier to find the right bra for me. I've tried a lot of brands from a lot of different price range, even until now I still haven't found the perfect bra for my girls. I was recently introduced to ThirdLove and thought it would be beneficial and fun to bring you the ultimate guide to fix bra problems, or we can call it "Bra-Blems", that keeps bothering me and maybe you girls too, along with the solutions
1. Spilling Busts
It's hard to keep the girls down on their seats especially when you're being active and constantly moving, they just keep popping up. This used to happen to me all the time because I used the wrong cup. Finding the right bra is not only a matter of the right size, but also the right cup. If you have problems with the girls spilling out of your bra, your cup might be too small for you, so it's better to find a bigger cup, or bra that has a full coverage instead of the half coverage ones.

2. Slipping Straps
Bra straps is the next thing I always checked after the size and cup whenever I'm shopping for a bra. If the straps are too elastic and stretchy, chances are it will get loosen up easily after a few months of wear. Tightening it won't be helpful either. Or maybe you have narrow shoulders, so the straps just keeps falling over your shoulder. Try to choose bra with stronger and more elastic but less stretchy straps. You can also choose the cross type straps like sports bra has, so they will stay put even if you have narrow shoulders.

3. Digging Straps
Digging straps will make you feel like you're carrying backpack filled with a whole set of Harry Potter books. It usually happens because you've tightened the straps way too tight to keep the girls up due the lack of support by the band. But it will only hurt you and probably suffocate you too by the end of the day. You have to find bra with band that has great support for the girls, because in the end it's the band's job to support them, not the strap's.

4. Back Bulge
Is never look pretty especially when you're wearing something that fits perfectly to your body, like Kebaya (Indonesia's traditional clothes). You can blame it on your fat, your lack of discipline and motivation to work out especially on your back muscle, but you can also blame it on your choice of bra band and size. If your bra size and bra band are too small, they tend too squeeze your body, hence the back bulge. I don't know about you, but because of my size I always prefer big band too, cause they're more comfortable and offers more support. So, Bye Bye Back Bulge.

5. Band Riding Up
I used to see this happened to a lot of girls during high school. I kept thinking how could they be walking around with their band going up to their shoulder yet they seemed comfy with it. I never thought it was a problem. Anyway, if your band is riding up the problem is you're wearing something's too big for you, that's why it keeps going up.

If you guys are wondering, Third Love is a California based bra company that produce a lot of different bras and undies with a great range of size, you check their website here. I'm blown away by how creative and helpful their website is. They have such a great collection, you can check it out here. Size, shape, cup wise, you name it. Trust me, you will find your own perfect bra over there.

You must know how pricey good bras can be, but it can be such a great investment cause it will last you a long time before you have to get a new one, instead of buying cheap ones that have to be replaced every few months or so. If you are interested to buy Third Love bras, don't you worry girls, I have a discount code for you, just type BRABLEMS during the checkout, and you will get 15% off!.

So tell me guys, do you have or used to have the same BraBlems as I do? Or if you have any suggestions on how to take care of these Brablems, don't be shy to write them in the comment, I'd love to read it. I hope you guys find this post helpful and enjoyed reading this as much as I write it. Believe me, when you see a long post, that means I enjoyed writing it. See you guys soon in my next post! :)


  1. Masalah yang pertama aku banget deh pokoknya, sampe sekarang kalo cari bra pasti yang full cup biar ga kemana-mana. haha. Masalah lain yang aku punya itu walaupun udah pake masih keliatan kayak turun jadi kalo pake kebaya atau gamis buat kondangan ga banget deh *butuhpushupbrakayaknyanih*, mungkin juga dari posisi punggung juga sih yang suka bungkuk. Kalo misalnya kecengin strap bra nya yang ada bra nya keikut naik sedikit malah nyisain bagian area dadanya nongol sedikit, kayak ada lingkaran ngintip :/

    1. Hi Adelyn, nice to see you here other than ig hehe
      Di Indonesia kayaknya bra yg bener2 full cup itu rada susah ya ditemuinnya? Sekalinya nemu, entah size nya yg kegedean lah atau harganya yg bikin mau pingsan. Mungkin klo masalah yg masih keliatan turun, band bawahnya kurang mantep kali support nya, atau kawat nya kurang setrong buat kamu. Kalo bungkuk sih berarti posturnya aja yg harus dibenerin. Mungkin cup nya juga harus naik 1 tingkat lebih gede lg. Duuuuh jd cewe ribet bener ya? Haha

    2. Hehe, berusaha aktif baca blog juga nih selain di ig. Serba salaah pilih bra, lebih susah dari pilih foundation yang pas sama skintone. Band bawah itu ngaruh diukuran cup ga sih, makin besar cup juga bisa ngaruh di lingkar band nya? beli cup yag naik satu tingkat bisa resiko longgar di band tapi pas di cup nya. Kalo mau ngecilin ukuran sih bisa tapi long term project, mulai dari ngatur makan sampai olahraga dan latih otot dada plus punggung.

    3. Makin besar cup ga ngaruh sih sebenarnya ke lingkar band nya, kan yg ngaruh ke lingkar band itu size dari bra-nya.. Tapi emang bisa di akal2in juga, kalo misalnya yg size 32D ga muat di kamu, bisa pake yg size 34C. Aku biasanya sih gitu kalo milih bra, apalagi kalo cup nya ga sesuai. Haha bener banget, olahraga otot dada sm punggung itu beraaat bgt. Aku sampe sekarang aja ga bisa push up dengan baik dan benar *curcol*


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