July Haul

I finally have a haul post! Yaaaay! It's a collective haul actually since I don't get them all at once. I managed to resist the temptation to buy make up on Ramadan, ya know you gotta hold it back. And thankfully, after back and forth looking at some online shops and put everything I want on the cart, I still got to keep myself from buying everything. As I always have a soft spot for lipsticks, lipsticks took a big part in this haul. Before I talk too much, let's get to the details!

1. Pixy Volumizing Mascara (Around 30K)
Both my Maybelline Magnum and Essence Eyes on Me mascaras has dried up and been used up for 6 months by the end of June. I'm not taking risk to use it any further, so I decided to get a new one. I didn't have a high expectation on this mascara judging from the price, but after my first try, the result is better than I expected. This mascara give the perfect combo of lengthening, volumizing and separating the lashes without being clumpy, and it's waterproof! Looooveee.

2. Garnier Sakura White Sleeping Gel (IDR 16K)
I picked this because I want to add something for my night skin care routine, which only consist of washing my face with facial foam. I'm too lazy, I know. But I realized I gotta take care of it as being greatful for finally have a better skin and didn't have as much troubles as it used to.

3. Viva Hand Cream (IDR 8K)
I'm glad to find this cream back in stock in my local hypermart. I love this hand cream because it's light, moisturizing without being sticky, smells good, and it's so cheap!

4. Purbasari KVK Foot Cream (IDR 16K)
My feet were so dry and rough, so it needed extra moisturizer. I never use this regularly and always ended up being used up by mom. I don't like how sticky yet slippery foot creams are, and I don't like wearing socks around the house too. Though walking around on the beach barefoot helped exfoliate the skin of my feet.

5. Mirabella Fruity Colorfix Lipstick 01 (IDR 43K)
You may read my post about the #03 already here, and how it's my favorite matte lipstick from local brand. So I get another shade, and I love it as much as #03!

6. RiRe Long Lasting Lip Tint in Pink Brown & Muse Red (IDR 99K)
Yes, I bought two of them for 99K only on BOGO promo in Elevenia! I was going to order these before Eid in hoping I could wear this on Eid, but the price was a bit higher and I brought along my LA Girl Flat Pigment Glosses anyway (which didn't get used either), so I put a hold on this and I'm happy to find they low down the price after Eid, it went straight to my cart. I heard the pink brown is similar to Lime Crime's Riot and Girlactik Demure, and I finally have a bright red shade!.

7. Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit (IDR 125K)
This is the most pricey lipstick I ever bought. I put a lot of thought whether to get this or not, but in the end I caved in. I had to have it with terms I'm not going to buy anymore nude and pink lipsticks for the next months.

8. Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Mochalicious (IDR 45K)
I swear this is the last lipstick in this haul. I saw Emily Fox compare this next to the infamous Lolita from Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, it's pretty close though Mochalicious is a tad darker. I hope it will be as creamy as In The Flesh that I got a few months ago.

9. LA Girl Pro HD Concealer in Natural (IDR 60K)
Concealer is never included in my make up routine, simply because I don't want to put too many layers on my face and I'm lucky to have a not so dark-dark circles, or as they call it "prada eye bags". But so many people use this, even for contouring too, and so many reviews saying how lightweight it is makes me want to try it.

I bought Birthday Suit, Mochalicious, and the concealer from Trianabeautyglam on IG, it's the same store where I got my LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Glosses. While the rest of it were bought from Hypermart and Griya/Yogya. I know it's crazy for getting 5 new lipsticks in the exact same month, I should be ashamed of myself. But I promise myself that I won't be getting anymore lipsticks, especially pink and nude shades. I hope you all didn't go GaGa for buying too many lipsticks in your hauls. Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Waaaa birthday suit nya wishlist ku dari kemarin2 bagus gak Mbak dipakainya? Lebih ke pink atau ungu nudenya?

    1. baguuuus! aku baru coba sekali sih. terus karna makenya asal2an jadi ga rata, tapi pas aku tumpuk lagi masih bagus loh ternyata, ga keliatan blentang-blentong (bahasa apa ini) hehe
      pink persis mbak, tapi lebih pucat warnanya. ga beda jauh kok sama swatch yang suka di liatin di olshop2

  2. Replies
    1. siaap.. sebentar lg di post kok review rire nya ;)

  3. Beli LA girl concealer nya dimana kak? :D

    1. aku beli di olshop trianabeautyglam di IG disana komplit bgt warnanya :)


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