Make Up Wish List: Eid Edition

Assalamu'alaikum. I know that Eid is still two weeks away, but I want to share somethings that I want to buy for Eid, or after Eid if I get extra money from my family (you know what I mean),
though sadly this year I don't want to get my hopes up since my family is going back to our home town and we won't be seeing a lot of our relatives back there, most of my relatives lives in the city and if they're not going back to home town as well, the chance to get extra money during Eid is real low. But anyway, I've been keeping a long list of wish list since I fell in love with make up, and I'm not going to mention all of them here, only a few that I think I need the most, so here goes the list...

1. ELF Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette
As a matte lover, I want to add something for to my eyeshadow collection. I'm happy with my BH Cosmetics California Palette so far, but after I heard Emily Noel talked about how good the quality of this palette is, I feel like I need to try this. The packaging looks so sleek and so pretty too.

2. ELF Studio Contour Palette
Emily Noel is again the reason why I want this palette, it has a cool toned contour shade, a warm tone bronzer shade, also the yellow matte highlight powder which will be a good setting powder for the under eye, as well as brightens up the face. I think this palette is perfect!.

3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
I only have a pink sponge that I got for IDR 35K and looks exactly like beauty blender, though it's a bit stiff and doesn't expand by the time I run it under water, it still works well to blend my make up. But I want to give this sponge a try because I've heard a lot of people raves about this sponge as an affordable alternative for the beauty blender.

4. Real Techniques Sculpting Set
This sculpting set will goes along with the contour palette. Currently I don't have any contour and setting brush. I know that the sculpting and the setting brush are being sold separately too, but I think with such an affordable price, why not get the set as well right?.

I'm quite surprised to see how short my wish list for Eid is, but I don't think I want anything else either. As you can see, all of the products are in the drugstore range, I'm just being realistic here, I'm not gonna be able to afford those high end stuff as long as I'm still in college living off my parents money. So, what's on your Eid wishlisht? Tell me in the comment bellow! :)


  1. The elf contour palette is on my wishlist too! I haven't seen them in stores yet where I live. I hope you can get these soon, the real Techniqes spone is awesome.
    Thanks for following my blog, I followed you back!
    Ashley Sue Makeup

    1. Hi, thanks for following me back! I just found your blog through Reflection of Sanity's I Heart These Blogs post, and I really like your blog :D
      Yes, I hope I can get these soon, though I think I have to wait a bit longer for the ELF palettes. If you live in the US and haven't seen them yet at stores, I guess it'll need more time to get to Indonesia :/

  2. I got my beauty blender from Luxola when they was having a sale. It's so worth the price, it makes me barely use my brushes to apply my foundation. ;0 However, I'd really like to add RT sponge into my wishlist! Heard good thing about it too!

    xx ieyra |

    1. Luxola is ALWAYS have a sale! It's sooo tempting. But I never bought anything from Luxola since I find other online stores sells the products with lower price, and I don't have to buy more products just to get the right amount for free shipping
      If I have a lot of money I'd definitely get Beauty Blender instead of the RT one.


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