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Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrated! I know it's late by more than a week, but I hope this year's Ramadan will make us better and may Allah forgive our sins. Amin. And how was your holiday? I bet it was fun spending all of your time with the loved ones. 

You may have seen this blushes mentioned in some of my posts but I never make a proper post about it. It's the Jordana Powder Blush. Sorry for the dirtiness and the scrubbed off name of the blush on the lid, since it's my first blush ever, it's the blush I always carry on everywhere, and it's the only single blush I've got. Just like the other US brands make up I owned, I got this online. I bought this just when I decided that I want to learn more about make up. And as a beginner, I didn't know much about what shade would look good on my skin tone and what texture and finish would work best on me. All I knew, matte blush is the best choice for oily skin as well as for those with big pores. So I went on research for a good affordable matte blush, which wasn't easy. There aren't many local brands that has it, even after reading lots of reviews, so many people says that an affordable matte blush with good quality is quite hard to find. But I'm glad I found this blush on sale, though retail price itself is still on the affordable side too.

This blush came in a small pot with a screw off lid. It takes extra few seconds to open and close it compares to the ones with a flip top lid, this isn't a major problem for me and I still managed to close it safely even when I'm in a rush. And from the ingredients you can see that this blush contains parabens. So if it concerns you, you may have to think twice before getting this. Now we're getting to the texture, as the name says it is a powder blush, but it isn't powdery at all. It's quite hard, so you won't get powder flying out everywhere when you put this on. I had to rub my fingers on it to really pick up the color for the swatches. Again, this isn't a problem for me since the color shows up really well anyway. The pigmentation is just right. It's not too intense but not too sheer either. It can be build up and it's blendable too. I like to use this with a fluffy brush or a duo fibre brush to give just enough flush to my cheeks, if I want it to be more bold, I'll just put on another layer, or use a denser brush which will pick more colors than the fluffy brush. And it's matte! So it's a huge plus for me.

Left - right : Swatched and blended, Heavily swatched (with no primer)
Jordana came out with lots of different shades for this blush range and I got shade 18 Touch of Pink. It's more of a peach shade with a hint of pink in it, I guess that's why they call it touch of pink. It is a beautiful shade and looks very natural on my skin and goes well with every look. For the staying power, this blush will stay on for about 4-5 hours on my combination oily skin until it starts to fade. But it's gone quicker when I use a more lighter base such as BB Cream or CC Cream, especially when it doesn't have a good oil control. For those of you who isn't a big fan of matte blush or have dry skin so you want more glow on you, this blush also have the shimmery ones. Also, I saw Casey Holmes used this blush on one of her drugstore make up tutorial too, in the exact same shade! I was so happy because I thought I've picked the right blush and the right shade hehe.

I got this for IDR 40K (retails around IDR 70-80K) from Beautyhaulindo, but I'm sad to say this blush isn't available anymore, I wish I had picked up more shades. But you can still get them on Tokopedia or some other stores. I'm planning to get some for myself too! Do you have any recommendations for a good drugstore matte blush other than Jordana? Please let me know in the comment. See ya :)


  1. It looks like such a lovely wearable shade and the lasting power is pretty impressive for a drugstore blusher ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

    1. it is so wearable and natural looking, that's why I love this for everyday look :D


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