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About two months ago, I made an instagram account. The reason is simple, to stalk my favorite celebrities, in this case it was all the good looking cast of Turkish Elif TV Series. I had no idea other people that I got to follow besides some of my friends, and celebrities on instagram's suggested page. Yes, I followed the Kardashian's Klan too, but who doesn't? They always look amazing with their sharp cheekbones and blinding glow from their faces, at least you can get some inspiration for your look from them, right?. I follow loads of make up artists and other beauty enthusiasts too, until I've reached more than 700 counts on my following sections.

Back to the reason why I write this post, it is to share you guys the accounts that I've been drooling over and just couldn't stopped looking at their feeds. I'm not gonna mentions the ones that already have thousands or even million of followers, because I bet you know them already, they're just that popular!. Just so you know, I don't do this because they want me too, I don't even know them nor they ever ask their followers to do so, or because I want to be followed back or get some reward from them. I don't. It is purely because I love their works, and I think they deserve more recognitions. So, here they are:

1. Ashley from Sultry Suburbia, InstagramYoutube
I actually followed her blog long before I got instagram, and I think I found her blog when I was looking for some product reviews. I'm a big fan of her eye looks. She's so creative and can make some shades that may seem too bold and daring to neutral girls like me looks pretty and wearable. Everything that she puts on her face will turn out to look awesome, that's how cool she is!. 

2. Tanya Cheban, Instagram - Youtube.
When I found out this girl is only 18, I had major envy on her. I mean, how is it possible looking that flawless and having a perfect contouring skill on 18, when I was that age I can't even blend foundation properly on my face. All of her make up looks are so natural looking and more like enhancing your natural beauty kinda look instead of masking them all.

3. Gianna Fiorenze. Instagram - Youtube.
You may have already know about using a light and shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes to give that wide awake bright eyes look. But this girl take it to the next level, she uses a very intense highlighter on her looks and it looks AHMAZING!. 

4. Ruby Golani, Instagram - Youtube
Look at those eyes, lips, and eyebrows. She looks fierce!. I found her on my recommended videos on YouTube and I was instantly a subscriber. Her tutorials and GRWM videos are so fun to watch, and I think every looks would look great on her beautifully sculpted face (which lots of people says it looks a lot like Megan Fox).

5. Karima McKimmie aka Shamelessfripperies, Instagram - Youtube.
I fell in love with her recent violet makeup, it's stunning and she looks glowing!. There's no way you guys wouldn't like her, from simple to glam make up, she's got it all.

I know there are millions of other beautiful girls with amazing make up skills on instagram that I can't mention one by one. But to me, these five girls that I mentioned above are worth to follow, stalk, and watch. I mean, you'll never get enough of make up inspirations and make up tutorials to watch, right? They deserve to be known for their work and talent, though they're beautiful naturally and I bet they're not just about beauty, but the brain too. Do you have any other recommendations for me too? I'll be happy to know it :D


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    1. thanks :) you better check them out! they're amazing!

  2. since I couldn't afford buying expensive makeup all the time, my favourite instagram account is @dupethat!! ;P

    1. dupethat is my favorite! and I'm pretty sure it's everyone's favorite too, that's why I didn't mention it here :)


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