Wishlist: Graduation Edition

The last time I did a wish list post was before Eid, did I manage to get them all? No. I almost got RT's Sculpting Set but the seller canceled it in the last minute before payment because apparently it wasn't on stock anymore. But you've seen the mess I've made on my July Haul, at least I bought somethings after Eid, and none of them were actually written on my Eid wish list *sigh* I need to learn to control my urge for shopping.

So... in my Pixy Bright Fix BB Cream review I did mention a bit about me getting busy with college, thesis, and stuff. Well, turns out, I passed my final seminar! Which means, I'll be graduating soon. Alhamdulillah. And the only think that came in to my mind when it comes to graduation is... you've guessed it, it's make up. Yes... graduation is still two months away and I am already thinking about what lipstick, what shade I'm gonna wear, what products I'm gonna use, what look I'll be doing. I hope I'm not the only one who does this. Ever since Junior High School, when it comes to graduation, I have never had my face done by make up artist, I never went to Salon to get my hair (before wearing hijab) and make up done, I always asked my mom to do it, using whatever she had in her make up bag. I just never liked the full masked make up look I've seen on my friends faces, I definitely didn't want to look the same, and just to be clear, I was quite a tomboy, so I couldn't careless about make up. This time, for my graduation, I'm gonna do my own face! I don't care if I won't be looking super flawless, as long as I like how my face looks, I like how the products feels on my skin and I know it will work on me, and I'd rather use the money to buy make up for my own collection instead of paying someone that has no idea about my skin at all. No, I'm not being cheap, I'm just being economically friendly.

Before I keep on blabbering a lot more about everything, here's my wish list:

1. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation
I know I still have my Revlon Photoready Foundation that I barely use, I know that it will look amazing on photos because I've tried it on my sister already, but my graduation ceremony will take hours indoor and followed by outdoor ceremony by the noon, on a field, under the sun. If I use the photoready foundation, I'm afraid the shimmers will comes out and I'll end up looking like the vampires in Twilight. I have heard sooo many raves about this foundation, so I think I'll get this for myself too.

2. Monistat Chaffing Relief Powder Gel
At first I wanted to try the Maybelline Baby Skin, but the mixed reviews hold me up. When I accompanied my mom to Anna Sui counter, I tried their primer too, and damn that was smooth, but not the price though, das espensive (Kathleen Lights, everyone?). NYX Pore Filler felt similar to Anna Sui's, but guess what? the counter price is EVEN HIGHER than Anna Sui's primer. No thanks. I opted for this instead because I saw Kathleen Lights used this too in her old videos, and a lot of people said this is the dupe for Smashbox Primer, so it's a yes.

3. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Another beauty bloggers favorite. I don't have much blushes anyway. So why not invest with the best one? Also the glow/sheen factor really tempts me. I just wanna glow like Jennifer Lopez please.

4. City Color Be Matte Bronzer in Brown Sugar
I don't think I'm gonna do the whole contour think on my face. Sometimes I feel like everytime I contour and highlight my face it is just a waste, because the way I wear my hijab is pretty much covers at least half of my cheekbones, so my contour and highlight will only be seen like 1/3 of it. I always want a bronzer to warm up my face, not just for the graduation, but also for my everyday look.

5. NYX Tame and Frame
Haha the only thing that concerns me about doing my own make up is, my brows. Maybe I'll end up asking my mom to do it. I still have a lot of my ELF Brow Kit, but I want to try this because it's being said the dupe for Anastasia's Dip Brow Pomade. I promise my mom that I'll get one for her too. So I'm thinking to give this to my mom as well.

6. City Color Setting Spray
I just need something to set my make up so it'll stay throughout the day without having to dig in too deep into my pocket #unemployedlife

That's all I wanted for my graduation, there's no lipstick because you've seen my July Haul where I bought 5 lipsticks in one month, I did some damage too a few days ago where I bought two pencil lipsticks. But hey, they're only IDR 13,000 (like a dollar) each, and I only buy bold shades! Can you guess what the brand is? *winkwink
I also did some cleaning up and re-organizing my make up drawer, and half of it is take over by lipsticks. So, yeah I'm not gonna buy any more lipsticks until I've used up some of it or giving it away to my family. What's in your wishlisht? Lemme know in the comment! :)


  1. Congrats on graduating college soon! That's awesome!!
    I love that Covergirl foundation, it's super long lasting on my skin. I didn't care for the baby skin so I'm glad you picked something else! And you'll love the Milani blushes!

    I've never had my makeup done before but id rather spend the money adding stuff to my own collection as well!

    1. Thank you Ashley! :D
      Do you have any other drugstore primer suggestion?
      I tempted to get benefit porefessional in travel size, but the prize is equal to monistat in full size. I don't get it why Benefit is so pricey :(

    2. I haven't found a good drugstore primer sadly :( But that's probably because my skin doesn't like silicone which is in alot of them! The Covergirl foundation you chose does have a primer in it too, but I still wear one with it. I love the benefit one but you're right, it's so expensive!

    3. that's one of my concern too, I haven't tried primers with silicone before, I'm afraid it'll break me out. but it seems like almost impossible fo find a non-silicone primer in drugstore

    4. I've heard good things about the maybelline master primers and the elf ones but I haven't tried them and am not sure if they are silicon or not!

    5. I believe the master range from maybelline isn't available in here yet, but ELF sounds good! Thanks for your help Ashley :)

  2. nyx tame & frame, foundation sama primernya juga di wishlist aku ;)

    1. tos kalo gitu! :D
      aku lg nunggu primernya ready stok nih, di olshop rata2 pada sold out semuaa :(


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