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As someone who blogs anything related to beauty, I know I should post some things about skin care, but looking back at my previous posts, none of them are about skin care. Well to be honest talking about skin care scares me a little bit, because unlike lipsticks or other make ups that usually won't give a major side effect if those products doesn't suits your skin, skin care is different. If you ended up with the wrong skin care, it may cause some breakouts, dryness, or other allergic reactions here and there.. and I don't wanna be responsible for that because I am the one who recommended you the products.

But facial mask is not the crucial type of skin care right? It's optional, you can wear it once a week, once a month, or a year, whenever you like to do it. I'm glad to say out of all the facial masks I've tried, sheets, powder or clay, whether it's DIY or bought from the store, I have never experienced such weird reaction to those masks. It's either I like it or not, or if it does work or not doing anything at all for my skin. And these two masks from Himalaya Herbals, are my favorites up to this day.

Himalaya Herbals | Purifying Mud Mask
This thick creamy mud mask claims to rejuvenate and tighten up your skin, and it will suit normal to oily skin. It has smalls beads that works well to exfoliate the skin while being rinsed. The herbal smells of this mask is quite strong and it reminds me of Henna, not that it bothers me, but for those of you whom sensitive about scents, I've warned ya. A thin layer is enough, if you prefer a thick layer, it will take longer to dry. During the drying process, there's a tingling and a very tight pulling sensation to the skin that wouldn't stop until it's fully dried. After it dried, I could totally see the pores of my skin, kinda gross I know, and I couldn't close my mouth properly! that's how tightening it is. It dries about 15-30 minutes, just like how it is described on the packaging on when to rinse the mask with water. This mask always left me with a smoother and cleaner skin, without feeling sticky or greasy at all. I think it really sucks up the oils and the dirts in my pores which explains the pulling sensation.

L - R : Purifying Mud Mask, Purifying Neem Mask

Himalaya Herbals | Purifying Neem Mask
Mean while, this neem mask is more on the liquidy side and more thin as well. I still can feel the powdery texture on this mask, so it feels just like the powder mask that you dissolve with water before you put it on your face. It also has a herbal scents but not too strong, and the same tingling and pulling sensation, but this one has extra heat which only last a few minutes. My sister tried this too when she had acne, she couldn't stand the heat, and she rinse it off before it even dries. So I don't suggest suggest using this if you have sensitive skin, or having break outs like my sister did. Though after using this a couple times the heat wears off, maybe it's just my skin that get used to it. This neem mask gives me a cleaner and healthier look to my skin, just like how it claims to be.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about these mask, they works, they're super affordable (IDR 25,000 / $2), it really helps my skin stay clear and fresh whenever it started to look dull or feel rough. I try to use one of them regularly once a week (two of them are rotating each week), or whenever I don't feel lazy. But seriously, it's so practical since they came in a tube, all I have to do is just slather it on my face and let it dry for 15-30 minutes, how hard could that be right?!. How about you? Do you use facial mask weekly too? What's your current favorite facial mask? Let me know in the comment. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. These sound like nice masks!! I've never heard of this brand before! Mud masks are my favorite and I don't care much for ones that have that heat/burning sensation but usually if a mask does then I'll just stick it out for the few minutes and then see how I like it. I really like the masks from Lush and one from Michael Todd, and I'm currently testing out one from the body shop!

    1. It's so good, it's quite popular here in Asia but I'm not sure if they sell in US. I love mud and clay mask because those are the ones that works well for my combination skin. Oooh Lush, just hearing the name of the brand makes me think of all the things that I want to try from them! I'm gonna check out the Michael Todd's and I hope it's available in here too!

  2. These look great! I nominated your lovely blog for the Liebster Award btw, hope you participate :)


    1. Thank you so much for giving me the nomination, this is my first Liebster Award. I'll check out your award soon! :D

  3. The mud mask sounds really good! Lovely post :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

    1. it is really good! thank you for stopping by georgia :D


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