REVIEW: Silky Girl Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner

Hi guys, today I have a review about one of Silky Girl's eyeliner. This will be my first eyeliner review since this blog started. Yeah, it is a bit surprising even for me because I have a handful amount of eyeliners, and honestly eyeliner was one of the first make up products I ever bought along with lipstick. I love me some winged eyeliners. It can turn my small eyes to be more elongated, bigger, and cooler. It may take some time and lots of concentration to create the perfect wing, but once it's done, I wouldn't stop staring at my own eyes every few minutes admiring how pretty it looks!.

This is not my first eyeliner, the first ones were in a pencil/crayon form, but after I found out it needed more effort to create wing eyeliner using pencil/crayon, I moved on to liquid, and my choice fell on to Silky Girl Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner. I had no reason to choose this, I just want to have a liquid liner so bad but I didn't have a big budget, as always, then I saw Silky Girl was having 20% off sale, so I bought this with the Long Wearing Lip Liner in Nude as well. Though without any discount Silky Girl is still categorized as an affordable brand, which I honestly don't understand because the brand is from Germany and the majority of their products are labeled Made in Germany, so the prices are supposed to be quite steep right?. Like NYX for example, most of their pencil products are made in Germany too, but none of their products are priced below 50K, even the ones that sold online. Can somebody explain to me how is that even possible?. But anyway, I'm glad Silky Girl is very generous on their prices yet still having sale or buy one get one promo every now and then.

Moving on to the review... As written on the name, it is a liquid eyeliner, so I guess it's not surprising that the texture is slightly runny, but it dries fast enough so for those of you who has hooded lid like me, you don't have to worry messing your eyeliner when you open up your eyes. With a good pigmentation, you don't need to draw back and forth to get the opacity that you want, as long you shake the bottle well before using it, if you don't the pigmentation may come out a bit sheer. The finish is matte, which I prefer instead of the glossy one because my lid is oily enough already to make it shine. It has a felt tip applicator that picks up a fair amount of the product, so I suggest to wipe off the excess first before you draw the line, especially if you want a really precise line. The applicator might not seem to be slim enough to create a thin line, but the tip is pointy enough to do that, and although it's pointy, if you're not careful in using it, the tip can be dull and you'll end up struggling to create the perfect line. 

Now we're going down the road... The packaging might say it is waterproof, but I've used it for months and I think it's enough to proof that it is not that waterproof. You'll see it yourself in the pictures below.  After I ran some water on it, the color stay still, no signs of fading. Then I tried to swiped it ever so slightly using my fingers, it budge. The first time I tried using this, I was going out and it was a disappointment. The winged stayed perfect for 2 hours, then I had to pray, I took wudhu without noticing any damage on my eyelids, but when I saw it after I prayed, it was horrible!. The eyeliner already moved around my under eye and the wings were already gone, yet the liner around my lash line stayed still. I guess it started to move after wudhu, and blinking constantly with wet eyelids only made it worse. Even when I didn't wash my face, after four hours just walking around in a shopping centre companying my mom looking for fabrics, the eyeliner started to smudge too.

So, in my opinion Silky Girl Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner is a good choice if you are looking for eyeliner with limited budget. But if you have oily lids like me and you want something to be really long wearing, waterproof, and smudge proof, this is not for you. I personally only use this when I go out for a bit that doesn't require a lot of walking and causing me sweating, and not between the prayer time when I need to wash my face. I do have other eyeliners to be reviewed, and they're all affordable, I may post a review in comparison later on to help you pick which one will suit you best. What about you? Have you found the perfect eyeliner for you yet? Thank you for reading! :)


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