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I'm not a big fan of powder eyeshadow, I do have a couple palettes for my collection and for something to play and practice make up with, but the reality is I don't use them on daily basis. Powder eyeshadow usually takes more time to pack on, then I just can't decide which shade I'm gonna use next, I'll end up combining more than four shades and keep blending back and forth for the next 30 minutes. Actually it's not a big deal because I only use eyeshadow for special occasion where I always put extra time to get ready, but sometimes when I go out I wanna give something to my eyelids, to add a little bit of dimension, or just to make it look a bit smoky, without taking too much effort and time, this is where the cream eyeshadows come in handy.

I only got three cream eyeshadows, only the neutral shades because it's the shades I'm actually gonna use, and two of them are local products with super duper affordable price (I bought these two for IDR 12,000 it's less than a dollar! *on sale*), while the other one is probably doesn't need to be introduced anymore since it's one of the most popular cream eyeshadow in the beauty world.

Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo - On and On Bronze (IDR 62,000)
This cream is so smooth, it can be picked up easily by the fingers, even the slightest touch is enough to give a wash of colors on the whole eyelids. If I want it to be more noticeable, I'll just pack this on the lids and it will look like I'm using pigment shadows. That's how pigmented it is, yet it blends easily, but once it's set, it stays on the whole day, hence the name tattoo. The shimmers adds a pretty shine to the lids too, which makes me look more awake. 

Viva Cream Eyeshadow - Brown (IDR 9,000)
Can you see how it looks brown in the middle but slightly orange by the edge? This is what I love about this eyeshadow. If I blend it on the crease, it looks like I'm wearing a different shades but really, it's only one shade. The texture is not as creamy as the color tattoo, it's kinda bouncy, but the pigmentation is comparable. It may appear to be matte on the swatch when it actually has some shimmers in it. I have nothing to complain about this, simply because I can get 5 of these for the exact same price of one color tattoo.

Viva Cream Eyeshadow - White (IDR 9,000)
I honestly don't love this as much as the brown, though the texture is obviously the same, but on the skin this one turns out to be gritty, sometimes when it blends out it became crumbly which at first I thought it was my skin peeling!. The pigmentation isn't as good as brown either, it's quite sheer. I never use this by itself, instead I use this as eyeshadow base. It's good enough to hold powder eyeshadow so it'll stay in place, and since it's white it can make eyeshadows look brighter.

So that's the only cream eyeshadows I own. They're still much left because they're so pigmented and there's only a small dent on Viva's brown one, maybe I'm gonna buy a couple more shades of Viva but not immediately since I've bought a few stuffs already this months. Do you prefer cream eyeshadow over powder eyeshadow like me? What's your favorite cream eyeshadow?


  1. Those are all pretty! The maybelline ones are great, I have the same bronze one! You would love the ColourPop shadows. They are creamy but dry to a nice powder finish!

    1. I wish maybelline in my country have more variable shades like in other countries. I've put on some colourpop products on my wishlist already, I hope I can get them soon! :)

  2. I love cream eyeshadows! especially the maybelline ones :) this is such a lovely post too!


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