FOTD + REVIEW : Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation

After testing this foundation for a few times, using different ways and application methods, I'm finally ready to give you the review of the newest addition to my foundation collections, Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation. My fellow blogger friend, Ashley from Ashley Sue Make Up told me she heard good things about this foundation, and frankly that was my reason to buy this foundation too. Is it really good then? Well, let me explain...

This foundation claims A LOT. You can see from the description at the back of the bottle, it says that it's sweat, heat, humidity, and transfer proof for up to 25 hours, with full coverage and will last all day. This consists of comfort serum, I don't know exactly what the serum made of, but it's supposed to give you the comfortable feeling while using this foundation, where you know that full coverage foundations are most likely gives you that heavy or thick feeling to your skin. On the website it also claims to blends easily, seamlessly, instantly and easily into the skin. It came in a glass bottle, but it doesn't feel heavy at all, and IT HAS NO PUMP. So if you're a germ freak or just simply couldn't stand any product that has no pump, you'll probably think twice before getting this. Rimmel released this foundations in 12 shades, but where I bought this (Kutek Murah) they only have 7 shades. I picked 200 Soft Beige because I read some review about this shade will suit warm skin tones with yellow undertone. I was thinking to get True Beige which Judy wore on her review, but it seemed a bit greyish and I'm afraid if this foundation oxidize, True beige will turn out to be too dark on me. This also has broad spectrum 25 SPF in it, so you don't have to put extra sunscreen before.

Okay, I know that the fact this foundation has no pump will turn you off no matter how good the claims are, and I honestly would prefer one with pump and a plastic bottle as well (because I'm a bit clumsy and I may drop it and break it). But the texture is quite thick, not runny at all, so you get to control the amount of foundation you'd like to use. Even on the first use, I had no excess or any foundation wasted!. Although the texture is quite thick, I doesn't feel heavy or thick at all. I think this proved that the comfort serum works. It felt light on my skin, just like how it felt when I wear BB or CC Cream. So far I've only used one layer, because it's good enough to even out my skin tone and cover some of the redness around my nose and chin. And because my dark circles aren't that bad, I usually don't put concealer anymore when I use this foundation.

Top - bottom : Swatched - blended.

From the swatch it's obvious that Soft Beige has some yellow tone in it, it's still a bit lighter on my skin and just slightly greyish too. Despite it came out thick from the bottle, on the skin it melts and blends easily, just like how it claims to be. I've tried using a flat top kabuki brush and stippling brush, both worked really well on blending the foundation and just as fast with no sign of streakiness whatsoever. It has a satin finish and although on my FOTD I used Monistat as primer which kinda mattifies the skin, when I tried using the foundation without primer, the finish was the same. From my experiences in using this foundation with only one layer, I think the coverage is medium to full. It didn't cover my acne scars and my mole entirely, but I actually like it because it still looks like my skin. More over, although it has SPF 25, quite high and good enough for daily use out in the sun, it didn't make my face look like a white clown when I took pictures with flash. Oh, and it has a slight fresh floral scent, like the scent that I mostly found on skin care, nothing overwhelming, I like it because most of my other foundations smells like paint, though it will fade away as you blend the foundation out.

Left - right : Without flash - with flash (excuse my creepy smile)

Make Up Details:

Monistat Chafing Relief Gel
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation (200 Soft Beige)
Revlon Touch and Glow Loose Powder (Cream Beige)
ELF St.Lucia Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzer (I only use the bronzer)
BH Cosmetics California Palette (Champagne Highlighter & Matte Coral Blush)
Etude House Drawing Brow (Grey Brown)

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit (reviewed here)
RiRe Lip Manicure Pink Brown (reviewed here)

Look how flawless my skin look! I love it! The picture was taken 30 minutes after I put on my make up, yet it still look matte. This happened when I didn't use primer too, although my skin is normal to oily, the oil on my T-zone didn't appear for at least 2 hours. Oil would start to appear after 2 hours, but nothing an oil paper can't help. I blotted once, but there weren't any make up transfer seen on my oil paper. Today I went out for 4 hours, walked around, moving from one mall to another, got a bit sweaty too, and this is how I looked like by the time I got home... 

After 4 hours

Yup, sweaty and shiny. The foundation was still in place as well as the blush and bronzer. I didn't try to blot it again because I was late for Duhur prayer, so I had to rush and take my wudhu. And guess what? even after I splashed some water on my face (no rubbing), my skin still look good, even better without the sweat and oiliness. It might come off a bit, and needed to be touch up with powder, blush and bronzer, but until this right second when I write this review (8 hours later), I still look good. The foundation didn't oxidize on me, and although it's a bit too light for my skin tone, I actually don't mind because I don't have to match my face with my neck anyway #theperksofbeingahijabi haha.

I haven't get the chance to test this for up to 25 hours. I usually only wear make up for about 6-8 hours, even on special occasion. I wouldn't risk my skin to use it for 25 hours, I just think that's insane. No matter how much I slept without cleaning my skin first, it was never covered up with make up, so I never woke up with blemish popping up. Overall, I think this foundation is great!. It does live up to the claims, sweat, heat, humidity proof, and kinda transfer proof, because it came off a bit when I took wudhu, but that's normal. It also stays on for quite a long time too. This foundation can be removed easily with make up remover or cleansing cream (I use Etude House Every Month Cleansing Cream). I don't have many complains about this foundation beside the glass bottle and the availability (I hope Kutek Murah will always have this foundation on stock!). For an imported product, I think the price is still affordable and comparable to other drugstore brands that available in Indonesia (IDR 130,000 / about $10-11). And one last important thing, I THINK I PICKED THE RIGHT FOUNDATION FOR MY GRADUATION! haha. Phew... That was a long review. But I hope you guys get everything you wanted to know about this foundation. So, are you interested in trying this Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation? :)


  1. Thank you for doing a review on this! I'm definitely going to pick it up soon. I would prefer a pump too, but I can deal without one. I don't mind a thick formula, and it's good to know this has good coverage too. I'm also happy to hear it doesn't oxidize either. I'm so happy you like this foundation and it will be great for your graduation!

    1. You're welcome Ashley, and I hope you'll like it as much as I do! :D

  2. Awesome detailed review Sitha!
    I've not read many reviews on this and the shade issue is the main thing that puts me off Rimmel foundations, however this looks like it could just about work for me! So glad it worked well for you and tbh the NARS SG doesn't come with a pump and although its annoying it doesn't stop me from loving the foundation :)
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

    1. Thank you Iqra! :)
      I agree, there aren't many reviews about this so I was hoping it wouldn't turn out to be bad. But I'm glad I like it! I think Soft Beige would also look good on you, but I personally will buy True Beige if I ever use this one up.
      Really? I thought Nars foundations came up with a pump! Some people stated that this foundation in some countries has pump. I wonder why Rimmel don't make it all the same in other countries too :/


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