Early September Haul

Holaaa! Here comes the shopping spree!~ If you seen my graduation wishlist, you'll know that I'm gonna buy some products in purpose to be used on my graduation day, which will only be one day, but it is kinda a big deal, so I want to look good on that day, and I'm gonna do my own make up because I just don't like the idea getting my make up done by stranger who has no idea about my skin at all, then put random products on my skin, plus I don't wanna wake up super early just to wait in line to get my make up. I already planned on to buy whatever I need separately, this month, and the next month, so I don't have to use up all of my money in one month, and here they are the first part of my graduation haul:

1. Etude House Face Conditioning Cream in Light (IDR 5,000 each)
While waiting for Monistat to be back in stock in almost every single online store, I decided to buy this in sample, just to try out so I get to experience it before the day, and I get to choose which one works best on me. This face conditioning cream is supposed to prep your skin before make up, and the light one is the variant that will help the make up stay in place throughout the day as well as controlling the oil production of the skin. I bought 4 of these because why the hell not, it's only IDR 5,000!

2. Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur (IDR 5,000 each)
More samples! This is the next step after using the face conditioning cream, to help minimize and blurs out the look of big pores also gives a healthy glow look to the skin, so I'll end up with a picture perfect looking skin, like those korean pop star, without using photoshop or filter!

3. Etude House Drawing Brow Pencil in Grey Brown (IDR 35,000)
Well, I just want something quick and easy for my brow. I never used a brow pencil before, and I thought why not give this one a try. It's cheap, it has spooley in it, and it has quite a lot of range shades as well. *All three bought from LilCherryShop*

4. Rimmel Long Lasting 25Hr Foundation in 200 Soft Beige (IDR 130,000)
I bought this instead of Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation because it claims to be sweat proof, humid proof, and transfer proof. I saw Judy review this foundation too and it looks so gooooood on her, and it does stayed on for a long time on her review, I AM SOLD.

5. ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St.Lucia (IDR 60,000)
I picked up this duo instead of a single bronzer and a blush with a higher price. I heard lots of good things about this, and despite it being a bit shimmery, I honestly don't mind because Kathleen Lights said once it puts on the skin, the shimmer wouldn't be noticeable.

6. Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Ravin Raisin (IDR 40,000)
This is actually for my mom. When we went shopping for my shoes, she told me she wanted a dark lipstick like mine (she was talking about Rebel from LA Girl), I told her that she could use mine, but she resisted because she doesn't want to keep borrowing lipstick from me. When we were searching at the mall, we couldn't find any lipstick with similar shade, it's either too light, too glossy, or too expensive. So I told her I'm gonna buy one for her, and I ended up with this one because I know she's not a big fan of liquid lipstick, especially if it's too hard to remove. It wasn't on the picture because I gave it right away to mom once the package arrived. (4, 5, and 6 bought from KutekMurah)

7. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam (FREE)
YEP, IT IS FREE! This is a giveaway gift from Female Daily's Review Contest and I was one of the winner. I always wanted to try NYX SMLC but it's quite pricey and considering the staying power that I've read on so many reviews, I ended up buying matte lipsticks from other brands. The shades was picked randomly by FD, so I was hoping I wouldn't get the nudes because I have enough already. When this arrived, I am so glad to find out that I got Amsterdam which is a red shade.

Well, that's all I bought for this month, the rest stuffs will be put on next month buy list! I also got Bath & Body Works Pocket Bag Hand Sanitizer as a free gift from purcashing Rimmel Foundation, Elf Bronzer and Wet n' Wild Megalast, then I got a few extra samples of Etude House BB Cream and Tony Moly skin care too from purchasing the samples and brow pencil. Have you bought anything this month? Or have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comment! :)


  1. Hallo mbak salam kenal.. Just share biasa aku beli monistat ready di ig : indoshopper (maybe bs jafi reference). Untuk foundie nya apa benar-benar sweat proof Mbak? Kalau iya boleh dicob nih hehehe


    1. hi mbak linda :) makasih buat sarannya, tapi di indoshopper lagi kosong mbak. dulu emang ada, tapi waktu itu belum mau beli, eh pas mau beli malah habis hehe
      aku blm pernah coba pake sampe keringetan nih mbak, jadi masih perlu di test lg foundationnya :D

  2. I've heard such good things about that Rimmel foundation! I'd love for you to do a review on it once you've tried it out. The Nyx glosses are great, and I agree that you can't see the shimmer much once you apply the elf powders to your face! I love the elf duos, they are so great since you get both products you need!

    1. Sure, I'm currently testing it out so the review will be up soon :)
      I know, the elf duo is so good, I just can't put it down, I use it everyday. I think I'm gonna get the other shade!

  3. Itu rimmelnya beli dimana kak?
    Etude Beauty Shoot gak keliatan hasil apa pun di aku :(

    1. aku beli rimmel di kutek murah
      wah kamu udah nyobain etude beauty shot? aku belum nih masih nunggu event yang pas haha
      yah mungkin nggak begitu keliatan karna muka kamu mulus-mulus aja kali, pori2nya ga besar, makanya nggak ngaruh di kamu :)


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