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Top o' the morning! Does the title sounds tempting to you? I bet everyone wants to look good in photos, more importantly on their special day. I know you've had your times where in school pictures you look weird, with sleek hair that's been brushed by your teacher so you look neat but it ended up looking funny, or maybe you looked washed out because of the flash? no? just me? Well, enough rambling and let me introduce you to the foundation that helped me create a flawless looking face that will make you look amazing in your photos with no filter needed, and it's Revlon Photoready Airbrushed Effect Make Up. 

As the name says, this foundation claims to "delivers a poreless, airbrushed look with their revolutionary formula with light-filtering technology, and soft focus pigments to create a luminous finish". And after trying this for a few times, I gotta say they do live up to their claim. But I'm gonna give you more explanation about this product first...

Texture wise, it's a mousse foundation, but it came in a spray bottle so when you pumped it out (yes, there's a pump! big plus!) the texture turns a bit foamy. I have this habit that whenever I use spray bottle, I shake it first, and I do shake the bottle first before I use this foundation. I haven't tried using it before shaking it first yet, but I have no problem with the texture so far. One pump is enough to cover your whole face. The coverage is medium to full, but if you have any spots that you want to cover, you can build it up without feeling heavy at all. I use this foundation with a buffing brush then I blend it again with a damp sponge to really melt it with the skin. This doesn't contain any SPF, which is good if you want to take lots of photos with flash, so it won't leave you with white cast. There's a slight chemical scent in it, not a big deal for me since it will fade away as I blend this out.

But there's something that bothers me... and it's the shimmers. I think this is what they meant as the soft focus pigments and the light filter. The shimmers helps to catch the light, which create the luminous finish, and it also filters the lights so it makes your skin look poreless and airbrushed. It does make you look flawless and poreless especially on camera, but if you see it up close, you'll see the shimmers and it's a bit disturbing. But the funny thing is, people doesn't seem to notice it. When I ask my mom if the shimmers are too much, she said it's not visible at all. I've tried this on my sister too when I did her graduation make up. It looked amazing on her, and to be honest, I couldn't tell the shimmers either. She looked perfect on every photos. It might get oily after a few hours, she said she blotted her face for a couple times, but after all the foundation did a great job. And by the time she went home after being outside in the sun for more than 7 hours, she still looked good.

top - bottom = swatched, blended taken with natural light (it's looks a bit darker than my skin tone but it's fine), with flash (now you can see the sparkles)

Actually my main target when I went to the Revlon counter was to get the Colorstay Liquid Foundation, but I couldn't find the right shade, that's why I bought this instead. I didn't look up for any review first, I had no idea about the performance of this foundation at all, but since it was on sale, I thought why not give it a try? It was only IDR 64K anyway (retail price IDR 160K). And I'm glad I bought it.

This foundation may not be suitable for daily wear, I personally only use this on special occasions. But if you want to look flawless and airbrushed everyday, there's no reason for you to not give this foundation a try. As long as you don't mind the shimmers, you're good to go. I only wish the colorstay line will come out with a photoready version that has no spf too. So, are you interested to try this foundation? If you've tried this foundation, let me know what you think in the comment! I'll see you in my next post. Bye! :)


  1. I hear a lot about Revlon. Think I will have to try it out some time as well.

    1. I have two of their foundations and majority of my lip products came from Revlon as well. They're amazing! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I love the colorstay foundation, I'm not sure how I feel about the shimmer in this one.


    1. I couldn't stand the shimmers when I wear it by myself either, it's weird that people don't notice it. The colorstay foundations are my favorites!


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