Ramadan Make Up Routine

Assalamu'alaikum. Hi girls, how's your fasting so far? Speaking of Ramadan, you don't get much hydration from your body due the lack of drinking, meanwhile the current weather is awfully hot and dry during the day that will cause your skin to be more dry, or even more oily because it tricks your skin to produce more oil to keep it moisturized. I don't wear make up everyday, but if I'm going out with my family I like to put a little bit of make up to look more pulled together. So here's the list of make up routine that I've been doing in this holy month...

1. Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel (IDR 30,000)
To moisturize my skin without feeling too heavy and looking oily as well as protecting my skin from the super bright sun, thanks to the SPF 30, it also preps my skin before applying make up.

2. Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream (IDR 160,000)
This even out my skin tone and slightly minimize the look of my pores. It has SPF 15 too, so, yay for extra protection!

3. Marcks Beauty Powder (IDR 7,000)
After all that bases, I need to set it with powder so it will stay in place and keep it from melting, importantly on the T-zone.

4. Maybelline Fashion Drama Brow Mascara (IDR 58,000)
This brow product keep my brows in place, makes it look a bit fuller and gives just the right amount of colour, so it still look natural.

5. Jordana Powder Blushes in Touch of Pink (IDR 40,000)
A few swipe of a soft peachy pink blush gives me that natural flushed look.

6. Tony Moly Shimmer Cube Lover #05 Gold (IDR 180,000)
Some highlighters on the high points of your face wouldn't hurt right? it makes my face look glowing and my cheeks more plumper.

7. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Nude (IDR 80,000)
Having red eyes due the lack of sleep? this eyeliner on the water line helps brightened up my eyes .

8. Maybelline Lash Stilletto Waterproof Mascara (IDR 98,000)
Mascara makes my small eyes look more open and I love how this makes my lashes longer and fuller without being clumpy, and it's waterproof so it won't get smudged easily while I'm sweating after being out all day.

9. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle (IDR 75,000)
One of the major problem while fasting is dry lips. So I need extra moisturizer for my lips. This lip butter is really comfortable and keep my lips moist for the entire day.

10. Bali Alus Face Spray (IDR 29,000)
I carry this spray in my bag to freshened up and to keep my face hydrated. A few spritz is enough but I like to go overboard because it smells lovely!

Phew... Ten products may sounds a lot but it helps me look good while fasting. And believe me, putting them on doesn't take much time either, 15 minutes tops!. Sometimes when I'm lazy or just going to campus, I'll skip most of them and just slap on sunblock, dust a bit of powder and add a few coats of lip balms to my lips. Hope this post inspire you to create a daily look during Ramadan. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post :)


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