REVIEW: Make Up Academy Heaven & Earth Palette

Hi guys!. Previously, I made a post about How To Look Glowing Without Being Too Dewy where I mentioned about using the light eyeshadow shades as highlighter, and the eyeshadow that I used is the shade Aurora from MUA Heaven & Earth Palette. I thought it will be weird if I talked about the shade but haven't talk about the overall of the palette itself. So, I decided to write a review about it.

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette contains 12 neutral eyeshadows with most of it are brown based colours. They are all shimmery, so if you are a matte lover like me, maybe you wouldn't like this palette and I suggest you to get the Undressed Palette which has some matte shades in it. I know I said it that I am a matte lover, and I didn't meant to pick this palette either. I got this from an online store and I ordered the Undressed Palette, but what came in the package was this Heaven & Earth Palette instead. I tried to email the seller to ask why I didn't get what I ordered but there was no respond. I didn't want to complain any longer, so I just accepted what I got (at least I got something with the same price), and refused to buy anything from that store again.

Unlike the other palettes from the other brands that has no name for each shade (like my BH Cosmetics California Palette), this palette has it!. As someone whom terrible in explaining colours, it's easier to mention the name of the shade instead of explaining the colour randomly like "the champagne, goldeny, silver shimmer shade with a hint of bronze", yeah I can't do that.

The texture of these eyeshadows are really soft, not so buttery though, a bit powdery, and the colour payoff is amazing for something that came from the drugstore range!. The swatches above are all taken with one light swipe only, over a cheap eyeshadow base. You can see that there are some fallouts all over the palette, so if I'm going to use these eyeshadow, I have to be careful unless I want to get shimmers all over my cheeks and make sure to tap off the excess first!. Like I said before this contains neutral colours, as you can see from the swatches they are all beautiful! You got shimmery white, rose gold, champagne, copper, golden, taupe, every shades that you need to create a natural eye look, even a smokey look.

Overall, I love this palette. It's affordable (I got mine for IDR 160K), the quality is not disappointing at all, it has beautiful shades too. I like to use the colours on my lids, on my tear duct, even as a highlighter. But since it's all shimmery, I try to combine it with another matte or satin shades from my other palettes so my eyes wouldn't look too shiny and I feel like it closes up my small eyes as well. I hope you like this review, I know it's not as long as my other reviews because I tried to shorten them up and not talking too much, and thank you so much for reading! Bye :)


  1. Aku penasaran sama ini mbak Sitha. Tapi gatau beli dimana hehe :P

    1. Liat di tokopedia atau instagram aja mbak, suka ada kok yg jual palette MUA. Aku dulu beli nya sih di twentysevenshop di fb, tapi ini pun dapetnya nggak sesuai pesananku..

  2. I haven't tried this palette but I have MUA Undressed palette. (haha cheeky name). Their matte eyeshadows can be a little powdery and doesn't have good colour pay off but their shimmery eyeshadows are sooo good!

    1. Yeah that's the problem with matte shades in drugstore palettes. Most of them are powdery and not pigmented. But I agree with you about the shimmery shades! They are so good! Definitely worth the price ^_^


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