REVIEW : BH Cosmetic San Francisco Palette

Hi girls! If you read my previous posts where I already talked about base and some lip products, this time I'm gonna be reviewing this versatile, compact, travel friendly palette, which is BH Cosmetic San Francisco Palette. 

This palette is actually a part of BH Cosmetic's California Collection Palette. Consisting of three different palettes named after the big cities in California such as San Francisco, Hollywood, and Malibu. These palettes included sixteen litte eyeshadows, two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter, each of them have different colour selections based on the name of the palette. San Francisco contains most of the neutral colours, Malibu with the greenish and orangey colours that suits summer/beach look perfectly, and Hollywood is the most colourful one with the bright colours that'll help create the glam look. 

I chose San Francisco because it has neutral colours and it seemed like all of the colours would be useful... and after a few months using it, it's safe to say that I've used all of them! I bet you can tell by the dirts all over the palette. Another reason why I picked this palette is because it contains 9 mattes, and 4 shimmery, and 3 metallic shades, you know that affordable matte eyeshadows are quite rare, the ones that comes in a palette are usually a hit or miss, yet the single ones are damn expensive. This palette comes in a sleek, carton packaging with magnetic system that helps the palette to close safely. The eyeshadow and blushes are separated by another cover which also has a small mirror in it. The mirror will come in handy when you take this palette while traveling so you don't have to carry extra mirror. But if you have short-sighted eyes like me, when you need to stick the mirror right in front of your eyes whenever doing eye make up in order to see what you're doing, this mirror wouldn't be useful at all.

eyeshadows swatched over Viva Eyeshadow Base

Since BH Cosmetic doesn't give names to the eyeshadows, I'll just explain the colors by the order of the number :
  1. Shimmery golden
  2. Matte burgundy
  3. Matte dark brown
  4. Matte light pink
  5. Matte navy blue
  6. Matte dark purple
  7. Matte black
  8. Shimmery black
  9. Matte pale purple
  10. Metallic violet
  11. Shimmery bronze
  12. Matte pastel green
  13. Matte lilac
  14. Metallic green
  15. Metallic lavender
  16. Shimmery silver

eyeshadows swatched over Viva Eyeshadow Base

The texture of the eyeshadows are a bit powdery with minor fallout (that's why it's a bit dirty) and overall these have a good payoff, especially the shimmery shades, while you have to be patient building up the matte shades until you get the pigmentation that you want. I've mentioned before that this palette contains neutral colours, but you've got a perfect mix of pink, brown, purple, black, green, even silver and gold, that'll compliment each other and will create different kind of looks from simple to smoky. They're pretty long lasting too, especially over primer.

On the blush palette you'll get a shimmery champagne highlight (which somehow turned out to be white on the camera), I find the texture is a bit hard compared to the other blushes and it's more of a subtle highlight since it doesn't have a high pigmentation. I can't really find the right color to describe the bronzer, since it's not quite bronze, not even brown, it's looks like peach to me, and I think it works better as a blush rather than a bronzer.  For the blushes, there's a beautiful shimmery rose and a matte pinky coral shade. The matte shade might look scary on the pan, but both of the blush actually gives you a natural flushed cheeks look, though I suggest you to use light hand or a duo fibre brush to avoid putting too much blush and you'll end up looking like Annabelle..

I love this palette because it's versatile and travel friendly with such a good quality for an affordable price (I've got this online for IDK 155K). You can create various looks with this palette and it's a great choice too if you're just starting to learn about make up since you don't have to buy separate eyeshadow and blushes anymore, which can be more expensive. Thanks for reading and I'll see you on my next post. Bye! :)


  1. It's great that BH is available easily over there ^_^ here in the UK it's not so much but those matter shades in particular look beautiful!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

    1. yes, a lot of online stores sells US brands with reasonable prices, but not so much with the UK brands.. I want to get Kiko and Make Up Revolution but only a few stores that sells them and they're quit pricey. Ugh how I hate my country's economy..
      I'm glad I picked this San Francisco palette too because I love all the shades!

  2. Aduh eyeshadow lagiii, aku gak tahan sama eyeshadow, mau beli terus padahal gak dipakai tiap hari, ini bagus ya lengkap juga ada blush... Duh jadi keracunan :")

  3. Aduh eyeshadow lagiii, aku gak tahan sama eyeshadow, mau beli terus padahal gak dipakai tiap hari, ini bagus ya lengkap juga ada blush... Duh jadi keracunan :")

    1. aduh maaf nggak maksud ngerancunin.. inget puasa.. tahan nafsu belanja make up nya (sambil ngingetin diri sendiri juga)


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